VPOK – Orkan Kuyas Volume Profile

Besides the integrated Volume Profile of StereoTrader, an outstanding and unique Add-On is availabe: Volume Profile by Orkan Kuyas.

What´s so special?

When trading CFDs or Forex, the broker´s server will support you only with tick based volume. One can say, with every change of the price, a new „tick“ is generated. The more the traders trade in a market, the more ticks are generated. This is very useful to figure out which price levels are traded most, but it doesn´t tell you anything about the sizes, nothing about the real interest.

When trading futures, your broker also provides real volume. This means, not only the price changes are taken into account, but also the traded volume and the number of traded contracts are recognized as well. And based on this information, it´s possible to calculate an accurate profile of the market activity.

It´s an edge!

The data of the VPOK AddOn is based on real volume, taken by combined underlying future volumes. It calculates the so called Value Area (VA), the Point of Control (POC) as well as the VWAP, all intraday but also for previous days. The Value Area displays the price range where usually 70% of the contracts were traded, the Point of Control is the price where most contracts were traded, whereby the VWAP ist the volume weighted average price. Such a Volume Profile is not an indication, it´s rather the most important information you can have to get a real edge in daytrading.

Orkan Kuyas is one of the most known successful traders in Germany with probably the largest community around him. His main strategy for daytrading is based on the data of this addon, especially on the VWAP.

Price difference between futures and CFDs

The addon is designed like that, that the price difference between future and CFDs is already taken into account. The levels that you see in your CFD based chart, will always be correct. But also when trading ETFs (exchange traded futures) with StereoTrader, the AddOn provides a higher accuracy than the built in Volume Profile and it gives you instant control over all elements of the profile and enhances it with the VWAP.

Orkan Kuyas

Orkan Kuyas, also known as „Facebook-Trader“ is one of the most known successful traders in Germany with probably the largest community (>10.000 followers/members) around him. His trading activities in public last back to 1999.