With the package SPORT MetaTrader & StereoTrader, standalone or as a bundle, SPORT has also been completed for the MetaTrader platform.

The unique capabilities of StereoTrader bring SPORT in symbiosis to top performance. If you want to trade break-outs successfully, you will not be able to avoid this software in the future. The fixed set of rules is predestined for an automatic strategy application. This was more than successfully implemented in cooperation with StereoTrader according to the requirements and demands.

The SPORT strategy stands for „Simple Predefined Open Range Trading“ or in German „Einfach Predefined Open Range Trading“.

This strategy is an advanced, simple breakout strategy. It is characterized by clearly defined entries, stops and targets.

Although it does not appear to be the case, essential behaviours of the larger market participants are nevertheless incorporated into this strategy.

Oliver Schwab

Oliver Schwab offers professional trading strategies with over 20 years of knowledge of the financial markets.

With Talking Business he offers optional software that enables fully automated trading according to his approaches.

In addition, there is an exchange with like-minded people in forums and opportunities to build your own network.