Andreas Bernstein

Especially in live trading, fast decisions and precise execution go hand in hand. This is exactly what the Stereotrader offers me in daily proprietary trading and webinars during volatile market phases. Not only the opening of positions, but also the management of trades with splits or pyramid trading can be implemented very intuitively.

Complex risk calculations, isolated strategies and tailor-made indicators can also expand your facets in everyday trading and enable you to place strategic orders that can be adapted to any market situation.

With this, I was able to optimize my way of trading once again.

Andreas Bernstein - Partner of StereoTrader

Under the pseudonym „Bernecker1977“ Andreas Bernstein has been active as a trader, speaker and coach for about 25 years. His trading of indices, stocks and forex on the stock exchange is based on sentiment data and the classic chart technique.

On wallstreet-online was in the day trading section under the „daily trading opportunities“ with daily market commentaries already from the year 2001 with daily market assessments to read and has more than 100,000 contributions in the forum.

Since the corona pandemic, his main focus has been on a live streaming channel that features his trades, trading ideas and other speakers with market opinions on a daily basis. This can be found on Twitch exchange daily (link to – in parallel there are channels of the same name on Discord and the well-known social media outlets. The website also bundles ideas on investing in shares.